1. The Rangfe of the Management
We will contact you as the personal date you offer to us to give you the description about our service details while moving, signing the contracts, doing the payment, and so on. If there is an occasion we have to use your personal data beyond the services we offer, we will inform you in advance, and you have the right to make the agreement/ disagreement. Besides that, while we help our customers to deal with the insurance for the luggage and the belongings, the insurance company generally would ask you offer your personal data.

2.The Collections.
The names, telephone numbers, and the addresses of our customers are mainly from the contracts, the questionnaires, and the registration forms. There are still some other ways to get the clients information like website registration and emails. Please make sure the information content offered to us is complete enough to get the contact, for example, do not forget the name of the contact window. Because perhaps your company or institution have more than hundred or thousands employees.

3.The Offer
We will not release your personal data to anyone who is not our colleague in illegal situation without your permission. With your permission, we would like to help you to get the other related services from other related companies. And in this situation, we would also ask the related companies to protect your personal data.

4.The Protection of the Privacy
Your personal data will be well-managed. We will use some solutions both in management and in the technical way to protect your personal data.

5.The Updating
We will update the latest information for our customers. If the customer wants us to change or delete the data, we will do it efficiently after we confirm your real identity.

6.The Teenagers and the Children
Our protection of the teenager's and children's privacy is the same as what we do to the privacy of our customers more than 18-year-old. And If we will use the personal data of a client who is under 15 years old, we would get the permission of the parents or the legal guardian first.





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